FOLLOWING PROCEDURE MUST BE ONLY PERFORMED BY A TRAINED TECHNICIAN. Wall grouted metal box is not part of the delivery and is expected to have been already installed at customer premises.

  1. Remove SmartBoard from packaging and separte outer plate from the base.
  3. Unscrew previously installed switchboard, if any.
  4. Connect 'Live' wire to L connector and 'Nuetral' wire to N connector.
  5. Connect 'Nuetral' wires to N connectors on both sockets. Similarly, connect 'Earth' wires to E connectors on both sockets.
  6. Connect devices from connector 3 to 8 (1 and 2 are already connected to sockets 1 and 2) and Fan to F connector.
  7. Tighten SmartBoard's base to wallbox (not included).
  8. Cover the base with outer plate. Press gently until you hear a click sound indicating locking of the plate.
  9. Turn on the main electrical supply.
  10. The devices connected to the SmartBoard can now be controlled via the buttons available on the SmartBoard.

Please note - 'Live', 'Nuetral', 'Earth' and wires for individual devices should already be present in/near the wall box as part of your initial electrical fitting of the house.

Software: BlinkUp procedure

Once the physical installation is complete, perform the BlinkUp procedure to connect the SmartBoard to the internet. It is assumed that wifi is already available to which the SmartBoard would connect.

  1. Open Home-in-Hand's mobile app (available at Google PlayStore) and login through Google account.
  2. From options select 'Add device'
  3. Choose wifi network and enter wifi credentials
  4. Press Fan up and down buttons together.
  5. A red LED would start to blink above the besides 7-segment LED.
  6. On mobile app click 'Send BlinkUp' button and hold the screen close to a tiny hole between switch 1 and 2 on the SmartBoard until the flashing light ends (about 10 seconds).
  7. Wait until the red LED goes off and green LED flashes exclusively. This will signal that your SmartBoard is now connected to the internet via your wifi router.
  8. On mobile app, the device would be added and is ready to be controlled. If 7 or 8 is not successful, try again by checking 'Legacy BlinkUp Mode'. Also, try blinkup procedure in a dark room. If still unsuccessful, please contact with complete details.

Please note:

  • Screen brightness is not set to Auto
  • Screen brightness is at maximum
  • If you have a Samsung phone, Power Saving is off:
    • From the home screen, swipe from top to bottom to open the Quick Settings menu
    • Scroll across the Quick Settings menu until you find 'Power Saving'
    • If Power Saving is enabled, disable it

BlinkUp procedure is normally required to be done only once. It should be repeated in case wifi credentials are changed. If the device needs to be controlled through a different user id than the one through which it was initially registered, use 'Delete device' from mobile app of the initial registrant and then use 'Add device' from mobile app of the new registrant.