Please refer to the pamphlet inside the box or here.

Please refer to the blinkup procedure explained here.

You can turn on and off through web. For advanced features please use mobile app.

No, you can control them physically like regular switchboard.

Please go to Google play store to download the same.

You can control them physically but not via mobile app.

You need to follow blinkup procedure.

Yes, you can. You should first delete the smartboard from your original profile using mobile app.

Yes, turn off the fan and press the up and down button together. It will reset the board.

Turn of the fan and press up and down button together. It will reset the board.

Your smartboard has 2 modes -

  1. Always on - All 'on' switches will have its LED on always.
  2. Night mode - The LED of 'on' swiches will glow at lower intensity.

Night mode is specially for night when bright light can be disturbing but no light can make finding switches difficult.

Use mobile app to select LED mode of the board.

Yes, same can be done using mobile app.

Yes, follow the blinkup procedure to add as many smartboards as you want.

Please use mobile app to do the same.

Yes, subscibe an interface to receive notification via mobile app.

A notification would be sent in case the interface is switched on or off.

First year service is free. After which nominal amount needs to be paid per year which would be notified later.

No, after power restoration, last state would be restored.

Click on desired smartboard in your mobile app. From the menu in detailed interfaces screen, click on statistics. Select time period.

You can view statistics for either whole smartboard or individual interfaces.

The statistics are calculated based on wattage a user provides and by recording usage patterns.

If there is a 'good' internet connectivity, the statistics would come out to be reasonably accurate.