Home-in-Hand SmartBoard

Control your devices from
anywhere in the world...


Home-in-Hand’s SmartBoard is a replacement of traditional switch boards. It can be controlled via mobile app from anywhere in the world. Not only can one switch on and off devices, one can disable devices and receive notifications. One can also define scenarios which can be activated according to time-based rules


SmartBoard (HIHSB102) is our first product which will enable you to control your home
from your hands. It includes the following features:

  • Control

    Control your electrical appliances from your mobile

  • Receive notifications

    Receive notification on upto 3 mobile devices simultaneously

  • Disable or enable

    Disable or enable individual devices

  • Installation

    Ease of installation

  • Energy Consumption

    View and analyze energy consumption statistics

  • Timer

    Timer on individual devices

  • Define scenarios and activate

    Define scenarios and activate them automatically at a pre-defined time or via mobile widget

Our Benefits

SmartBoard offers the following advantages:

  • Highly secure

    Highly secure with Google Authentication

  • Connects to wifi

    No need for separate gateway, connects to wifi router directly

  • Retrofit ready

    Easily replace your old switchboard without any need to rewire

  • Control

    Control via multiple mobiles or multiple Boards via single mobile

  • Zapier enabled

    Zapier enabled - let the internet work for you

  • sync

    Real time sync between SmartBoard and mobile app

  • warranty

    1 year warranty




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